2014 International SPIN Symposium on Model Checking of Software

held July 21-23, 2014, in San Jose, CA.
Invited Talks
LADEE Flight Software: Verification Techniques, Karen Gundy-Burlet
Analysis of x86 Executables using Abstract Interpretation , Henny Sipma

Research Papers
[PDF] Approximating Happens-Before Order: interplay between static analysis and state space traversal, Pavel Parizek abd Pavel Jancik
[PDF] Generic and Efficient Attacker Models in Spin, Noomene Ben Henda
[PDF] Towards a GPGPU-Parallel Spin Model Checker, Ezio Bartocci, Richard DeFrancisco, Scott A. Smolka
[PDF] Incremental Bounded Software Model Checking, H. Gunther, G. Weissenbacher
[PDF] An Improvement of the Piggyback Algorithm for Parallel Model Checking, Ioannis Filippidis, Gerard Holzmann
[PDF] Exploiting Synchronization for the Static Detection of Programming Errors, Michael Emmi, Burcu Kulahcioglu Ozkan, Serdar Tasiran
[PDF] Satisfiability Modulo Abstraction for Separation Logic with Linked Lists, Aditya Thakur, Jason Breck, Thomas Reps
[PDF] Is there a Best Buchi Automaton for Explicit Model Checking?, Frantisek Blahoudek, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Mojmir Kretinsky
[PDF] Local State Space Construction for Compositional Verification of Concurrent Systems, Hao Zheng
[PDF] Certification for Configurable Program Analysis, Marie-Christine Jakobs, Heike Wehrheim

Short Papers
[PDF] Quantifying Information Leaks using Reliability Analysis, Q-S Phan, P. Malacaria, C.S. Pasareanu, M. d'Amorim
[PDF] TravMCs: Higher-Order Model Checking for Alternating Parity Tree Automata, R.P. Neatherway and C.-H. L. Ong
[PDF] SpinRCP - The Eclipse Rich Client Platform Integrated Development Environment for the Spin Model Checker, Z. Brezocnik, B. Vlaovic, A. Vreze
[PDF] VERIGE: Verification with an Invariant Generation Engine, N. Latorre, F. Alberti, N. Sharygina
[PDF] Unit Testing for Spin: runspin and parsepan, T. Ruys
[PDF] Automatic Handling of Native Methods in Java Pathfinder, N. Shafiei, F. van Breugel
[PDF] Towards Parameterized Verification of Synchronous Distributed Applications, S. Chaki, J. Edmondson
[PDF] SpinCause - A Tool for Causality Checking, F. Leitner-Fisher, S. Leue
[PDF] CTL+FO Verification as Constraint Solving, T.A. Beyene, M. Brockschmidt, A. Rybalchenko
[PDF] Towards a Test Automation Framework for Alloy, A. Sullivan, R.N. Zaeem, S. Khursid, D. Marinov

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