Cobra Command Overview

Commands with short-hand:

aappend a source file
bmove marks back one token
Bbrowse a source file (cf V)
:(colon) execute a named script
ccontains: query a range
.(dot) read a command file
eextend match
Flist of open files
Ggrep in source files
hcommand history
=print something
iinspect lexical tokens
mmark tokens
nmove marks to the next token
pshow preprocessed matches
rreset marks
<restore marks from a set
>save marks in a set
!shell escape
sstretch: create a range
ttrack, divert output to file
uundo last command
Vpopup a window with source text

Commands without short-hand:

cfg cfg
context context
cpp preprocessing
def...end define named scripts
default default
dp display pattern (pat/pe/ps)
fcg fcg
fcts fcts
ff ff
ft ft
json json output for pattern searches
map map
ncore set nr of cores to use
nowindow disable window popups for display commands (default)
%{...%} inline programs
pat pattern token expression
pe same as pat
ps pattern set operations (union/intersection, etc.)
re regular token expression
runtimes [on/off] enable or disable runtime counts for commands
setlinks set .bound field for some keywords related to control-flow
stream modify parameters for streaming input
symbols link variables to their point of declaration
terse [on/off] enable or disable output from d, l, p, dp
unmark remove marks matching pattern
view list known script names
window enable window popups for display commands

Additonal explanations:

(Last Updated: 30 September 2021)