Cobra Interactive Query Language shell


shell — shell escape, to execute a system command




The shell escape provides a way to execute a system command in a background shell on Linux-like systems. The line after the ! symbol is sent to a system shell for execution, which means that the command to be executed must be a single line.

In a shell escape command the term $COBRA is replaced by cobra with the location of the cobra/rules/bin directory from the installation. Similarly, the term $FLAGS is replaced with the flags -cpp and -terse if needed, and $ARGS is replaced with the list of command-line source files that was provided when the session was started.


	: !date
	: !echo $ARGS
	: !wc file.c
	: !grep -e "struct foo" *.h
	: !mail
	: !$COBRA/rule13 $FLAGS $ARGS

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(Last Updated: 8 May 2017)