Cobra Interactive Query Language browse


B — browse the contents of a file


	B filename
	B filename linenumber
	B linenumber


Without an argument, the B command continues browsing the last file that was specified (with an earlier B command), moving forward in the text by a set number of lines (by default 20).
By giving a filename alone as an argument, browsing starts at the first line of that file.
Giving both a filename and a number starts browsing the text of the file at the linenumber specified.
If only a single number is provided as an argument, browsing of the current file is continued at the linenumber specified. This form of the command will fail if no earlier B command specified a filename.

See also the V command for optional popup windows displaying the code.


	: B cobra.h 20
	: B


The only filenames that can be browsed are the ones that are specified on the command line when the session started: the files listed by the F command. If more than one file in that list has the same basename, only the first matching file in the list is displayed.


G, F, V

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(Last Updated: 12 March 2019)