Cobra Interactive Query Language fcg


fcg — show the function call graph, or a path in the call graph


	fcg f
	fcg * f
	fcg f1 f2


This command can be used to generate a function call graph for a C-like program, which is displayed with the dot command. By specifying one or two arguments the call graph can be restricted to paths to or from a given function, or paths that connect two functions in the call graph.


	: fcg		# write the call graph in dot format into a file
	: fcg f		# include only paths starting at function f
	: fcg * f	# include only paths ending at function f
	: fcg f1 f2	# include only paths from f1 to f2


The function call graph is generated quickly, even for large source trees, but the external dot command can have a problem rendering anything larger than a few hundred nodes. When Cobra suspects that dot can be a bottleneck, for instance when the number of nodes in the graph exceeds 32, it writes only the temporary file, which can then be displayed separately.
In these cases the filename, together with the number of nodes and edges in the graph is printed.


cfg, fcts, ff

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(Last Updated: 8 May 2017)