Cobra Interactive Query Language display


display — display source code for the current set of marks


	d[isplay] number number
	d[isplay] * number


Shows the source code for one or all current marks. Without arguments the command will print the source code for all current marks.

In window mode (see [no]window) when a number is given, a tcl/tk window pops up with the context of the marked code fragment.


	: d
The output can be restricted to a single item from the set of current marks, e.g. the fourth item.
	: d 4
With an additional numeric argument, additional lines of context can be printed before and/or after the line of code that contains the marked token.
	: d 4 2
If the second argument is a negative number, only that number of lines before the target line is printed:
	: d 4 –20
If the second argument has a + prefix, then the specified number of lines after the target line is printed.
	: d 4 +20
Using a * for the first argument, produces a listing of all the marks with the specified number of lines of context for each one.
	: d * 2
After executing a fcts command, a display command will also contain the function name of marked items.


B, json, list, pre, V, [no]window

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(Last Updated: 15 January 2021)