Cobra Interactive Query Language save


save — save all current marks and ranges in a numbered set


	save n
	> n
	with n: 1,2, or 3


There are three sets available for storing sets of marks and ranges, numbered 1..3. To save the current set of marks and ranges into one of these sets we can use the save command, followed by the desired set number. The command is normally abbreviated to the symbol >.
There can, but need not be a space in between the > and the number.

There are three additional ways to save sets of marks and ranges and combine them with previously stored values.

The first is to retain only marks and ranges in the stored set that are also marked in the current set, by using an &-suffix for set intersection.

	: >&1
The next option is to include all marks and ranges from both the current set and the stored set, with an |-suffix for set union:
	: >|1
The last option is to restrict the set of marks and ranges in the stored set to those that do not also appear in the current set, using an ^-suffix for set difference:
	: >^1


	: save 1
	:> 2



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(Last Updated: 3 June 2019)