2016 Int. Spin Symposium on Model Checking Software

Invited Talks

  • Rupak Majumdar (MPI Kaiserslautern, Germany), Robots at the Edge of the Cloud
  • Shaz Qadeer (Microsoft Research, USA), Programming devices and services in P
  • Pierre Wolper (University of Liège, Belgium), Model Checking: What Have We Learned, What Will Machines Learn?
  • Tim Willemse (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands), On Verification Challenges at the Large Hadron Collider
Research Papers

  • [PDF] Maria Del Mar Gallardo, Pedro Merino, Laura Panizo and Alberto Salmerón. River basin management with SPIN
  • [PDF] Stefan Edelkamp and Christoph Greulich. Using SPIN for the Optimized Scheduling of Discrete Event Systems in Manufacturing
  • [PDF] Peter Gjøl Jensen, Kim Guldstrand Larsen and Jiri Srba. Real-Time Strategy Synthesis for Timed-Arc Petri Net Games via Discretization
  • [PDF] Nishanthan Kamaleson, David Parker and Jonathan Rowe. Finite-Horizon Bisimulation Minimisation for Probabilistic Systems
  • [PDF] Radu Mateescu and Jose Ignacio Requeno. On-the-Fly Model Checking for Extended Action-Based Probabilistic Operators
  • [PDF] Ruth Hoffmann, Murray Ireland, Alice Miller, Gethin Norman and Sandor Veres. Autonomous Agent Behaviour Modelled in PRISM -- A Case Study
  • [PDF] Ehsan Khamespanah, Kirill Mechitov, Marjan Sirjani and Gul Agha. Schedulability Analysis of Distributed Real-Time Sensor Network Applications using Actor-based Model Checking
  • [PDF] Kareem Khazem and Michael Tautschnig. smid: A Black-Box Program Driver
  • [PDF] Jan Mrázek, Petr Bauch, Henrich Lauko and Jiří Barnat. SymDIVINE: Tool for Control-Explicit Data-Symbolic State Space Exploration
  • [PDF] Subash Shankar and Gilbert Pajela. A Tool Integrating Model Checking Into a C Verification Toolset
  • [PDF] Mário Angel Garcia, Felipe Rodrigues Monteiro Sousa, Lucas Carvalho Cordeiro and Eddie de Lima Filho. ESBMCQtOM: A Bounded Model Checking Tool to Verify Qt Applications
  • [PDF] Lakhdar Akroun, Gwen Salaün and Lina Ye. Automated Analysis of Asynchronously Communicating Systems
  • [PDF] Iulia Dragomir, Viorel Preoteasa and Stavros Tripakis. Compositional Semantics and Analysis of Hierarchical Block Diagrams
  • [PDF] Antti Valmari and Walter Vogler. Fair Testing and Stubborn Sets
  • [PDF] Aleksandar S. Dimovski. Symbolic Game Semantics for Model Checking Program Families
  • [PDF] Martin Hofmann, Christian Neukirchen and Harald Ruess. Certification for µ-Calculus with Winning Strategies

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