Charter for the SPIN Symposium Series

Note: a new charter is being considered:

0. Background

In a business meeting held at the 8th Spin Workshop/Symposium held in May 2001 in Toronto. It was decided to formalize the organization of the series with the help of a Steering Committee and a Charter. The charter is meant define the scope and governance of the Symposium Series. This initial charter was drafted in July 2001 by Moshe Vardi, Stefan Leue, Matt Dwyer, and Gerard Holzmann, and first posted with the call for papers for the 9th Spin Workshop, held in April 2002 in Grenoble, France.

1. Scope

The Spin Symposium is inpsired in the Spin model checking tool, its underlying theory, its implementation, and its applications. Program committees will interpret this scope somewhat liberally, and accept papers that would be of interest to the Spin community. At the same time, the Spin Symposium should not evolve into a conference on software verification.

2. Steering Committee

The role of the Steering Committee is to provide institutional memory and oversight for the Spin Symposium series.

2.1. Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee include

2.2 Composition and Chair

The Steering Committee consists of four to five members, two long-term and two to three short-term ex-officio members. The ex-officio members are the past, current, and future program chairs. The two long-term members will be appointed for nonoverlapping terms of four years. Initially, one of the long-term members will only have a two year term to avoid overlap. The Steering Committee will be chaired by its service-wise most senior member.

3. Advisory Committee

The role of the Advisory Committee is to provide guidance on long-term strategic matters regarding the Spin Symposium series to the steering committee as well as to the general and/or programme committee chairs. The Advisory Committee has a strictly advisory voice. The Advisory Committee will be picked from senior members of the community at-large, and new appointments will be made by the Steering Committee. It is expected that some long-term Steering Committee alumni will move to the Advisory Committee after the end of their Steering Committee terms. Members of the Advisory Committee have open terms. The Advisory Committee will be chaired by its service-wise most senior member.

4. Initial Committee Membership

5. Current (2008) Steering Committee (by charter rules)

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