Charter for the SPIN Symposium Series
Oct. 8, 2008

0. Background

The first charter for the Spin Symposium series was drafted in July 2001 and remained in effect unto October 2008 (original charter). In 2008 the charter was simplified a little to bring it into better alliance with the organization of the series as it had evolved over the years. It is as follows.

1. Scope

The Spin Symposium Series focuses specifically on research in the verification of software systems through the use of algorithms and tools. This scope includes theoretical advances, tool implementations, as well as significant applications and case studies.

The Program Committee (see below) can interpret the above Scope statement broadly, and is expected to follow new developments in the field when drafting the call for papers for each new Symposium and when selecting papers.

2. Reviewing

Submitted papers to each symposium are reviewed by a Program Committee (PC) that consists of recognized experts in the domain of the symposium. It is the duty of the PC to maintain quality through a rigorous selection process for selected papers. (As a general guideline, it is expected that the acceptance rate for the symposium will be no higher than 40% of all submitted papers.) Every effort will be made to publish the Proceedings of each symposium in archival format in cooperation with a mainstream Publisher. At the discretion of the Program Committee, extended versions of selected symposium papers may also be collected for separate journal publication.

3. Steering Committee

A Steering Committee (SC) is created to provide long-term guidance and continuity for the Spin Symposium Series. The specific responsibilities of the Steering Committee are as follows: Members of the SC may serve on the PC, at the discretion of the Program Chair(s) for each Symposium. It is expected, though not required, that each year no more than 2 or 3 of the SC members serve in this capacity.

The current Steering Committee consists of the following members, in alphabetical order (updated 7 October 2017):

Steering committee alumni include

Amir Pnueli (1941-2009) was one of the founding members of the Spin Steering and Advisory Committee.
Sadly, he passed away in November 2009.
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