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SpinRCP Version 3.1.1

Dear Spin and SpinRCP users,

SpinRCP Version 3.1.1 is now available on its website:


In this version of the SpinRCP integrated development environment for the Spin model checker, some disclosed bugs in the previous version(s) have been fixed.

In the SpinRCP home folder, there is a SpinRCP.ini file, where an absolute path to the suitable Java virtual machine (JVM) must be entered, ensuring that it will be used instead of a default JVM on the target platform.

The SpinRCP website has been thoroughly updated. Instructions for downloading and installing SpinRCP for Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms are now written in much more detail.

A new feature of matching bracket highlighting has been introduced in Promela Editor. It is supported for the round, curly, and square brackets.

Detailed information of the SpinRCP Version 3.1.1 can be accessed by clicking the Release Notes label below the download buttons on


Please send your questions, comments, and bug reports regarding SpinRCP to my e-mail address:

[email protected]

Best regards,
Zmago Brezocnik


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