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#1 2018-12-18 18:33:32

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Spin Version 6.4.9 is now available

==== Version 6.4.9 - 17 December 2018 ====

- fixed bug where on replay of a trail with -l option the local variable
  values were not included in the final state listings
- on Windows systems, improved redirection of error output from gcc version tests
- now correctly turning off statement merging when remote variables are used
- changed internal variable name 'this' into '_this' to prevent name conflicts
  when linking to C++ code
- added warning that liveness checking with both -DMA and partial order
  reduction enabled can lead to incompleteness
- added compiler directive INIT_STATE for pan.c that calls a new routine
  called init_state(now) in pangen3.h to perform the initializations.
  this routine can now also be called from within embedded code, if needed.
- other more cosmetic small changes to prevent compiler warnings
- improved treatment of missing semi-colons slightly
- corrected an (unlikely) initialization problem for local variables in inlines


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