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#1 2016-12-03 01:36:40

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Spin Version 6.4.6 is now available

==== Version 6.4.6 - 2 December 2016 ====

- fixed bug in treatment of select() statement, when used inside
  and inline definition.
- made it an error to use 'run' to initialize a variable inside
  a declaration.
- small fixes in d_step.c, run.c, pangen2,c, and main.c (missing
  parentheses around subexpressions with a binary operators).
- small improvements in the makefile
- fix in mesg.c to allow recv poll operators on rhs of
  assignments (erroneously flagged before as a side-effect)
- prefixed some more generated variables in pan.c to
  avoid name-clashes (_nstates, _endstateN, _startN)
- prevented possible compiler warnings on definition of
  a recently added function spin_join()
- added new function mutex_destroy to support modex
  conversions from C to Promela
- fixed typo in BFS_PAR print statement (Seperate->Separate)
- fixed flaw in generation of BFS_PAR code, preventing
  compiler warnings
- made hash function inside sym.c return an unsigned int


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