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Dear Spin users,

I wish to announce the freely available integrated development environment for the Spin model checker called SpinRCP. You can access it at the following website:


There you can find links to the required external software, download and installation instructions, SpinRCP release notes, a brief user guide through all functionalities, some references and answers to frequently asked questions.

SpinRCP is available for the following platforms: Windows 32 bit (win32/x86), Windows 64 bit (win32/x86_64), Linux 32 bit (gtk/x86), Linux 64 bit (gtk/x86_64), Mac OS X 32 bit cocoa/x86), and Mac OS X 64 bit (cocoa/x86_64). The SpinRCP installation for another (older) operating system (e.g. Solaris, HP UX, AIX) and/or hardware architecture can be generated on request.

The first publicly released version of SpinRCP was Version 2.2.0 on 28th April 2014. Its latest version is 2.3.0 issued on 15th June 2014. New functionalities will be continuously added, the code improved and in particular it will offer support for the possible new features in upcoming distributions of Spin.

Please send your questions, comments, and bug reports regarding SpinRCP to my e-mail address:

[email][email protected][/email]

Best regards,
Zmago Brezocnik


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