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#1 2013-05-05 00:45:22

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Spin Version 6.2.5 now available

==== Version 6.2.5 - 4 May 2013 ====

- fixed bug when priorities are used and statement merging is enabled
  (the default) -- this could cause state updates to get out of sync,
  leading to a possible crash of the verifier.
- added the keyword "const" to many of the constant array declarations,
  to reassure static analyzers that printfs would not alter the contents
  of these arrays
- fixed bug in verifier in handling of priority based scheduling, which
  could lead it to erroneously get process ids wrong; fixed problems
  with the use of priorities when used in combination with ltl properties
  or never claims; fixed a bug that could lead to a crash due to not
  correctly storing backup values for priorities that are modified
  dynamically with 'set_priority()' calls
- more small changes to appease static source code analyzers
- increased various buffer sizes to allow the parsing of larger ltl formula


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