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#1 2012-06-10 21:11:41

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Spin Version 6.2.2 now available

this version contains a couple of bug fixes:
- fixed bug in handling of the new 'set_priority' call. priorities were not
  properly restored during the depth-first search, which could lead to
  strange verification results.
- fixed a bug that prevented use of parallel bfs in combination with collapse
  compression. the combination isn't really recommended, but at least it
  shouldn't crash of course... (the recommended mode for parallel bfs is
  the default storage mode, which ias based on hashcompact, or bitstate).
- added missing "extern YYSTYPE yylval;" in reprosrc.c, which prevented
  compilation in some platforms
- added warning against the use of hidden variables when using bfs
- excluded run statements from statement merging, to secure correctness
  when priority tags are used
- omitted the message type field in data-packets exchanged with other cores
  in parallel bfs mode, in those modes where the type field can be deduced
  from other parts of the data, to reduce memory needed for the bfs queues


#2 2012-11-04 00:02:15

Registered: 2010-11-18
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Re: Spin Version 6.2.2 now available

Meanwhile, Spin Version 6.2.3 is now available, as well as Modex Version 2.0
See: http://spinroot.com/spin/Src/
and: http://spinroot.com/modex/


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