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#1 2014-02-17 18:44:43

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Spin Version 6.2.6 now available

some smaller updates:

- corrected a bug in the treatment of break statements that are hiding inside unless clauses
- corrected treatment of priorities (example by Mirtha Line Fernandez Venero)
- added some new predefined routines to simplify integration with modex:
  spin_malloc, spin_join, spin_mutex_free, spin_mutex_lock, spin_mutex_unlock,
  and spn_mutex_init (not all of these may survive future updates)
- added a new spin option -x to directly print the transition table for a model
  (the option parses the model, generates pan.c, compiles it, and then
   runs it with option -d)
- ONE_L is now defined as 1L instead of (unsigned long) 1 to avoid a double
  expansion of unsigned long to unsigned long long caused by a macro used
  for compilation for 64-bit windows systems
- mildly improved error reporting
- doubled the size of the yacc parse stack (YYMAXSTACK), to support
  parsing larger models


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