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#1 2011-05-05 05:19:01

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version 6.1.0 of Spin

small fixes mostly

- removed calls to tmpfile(), which seems to fail on some Windows 7 systems
- made it an error to have an 'else' statement combined with an i/o statement
  when xs or xr assertions are used to strengthen the partial order reduction.
  the 'else' would be equivalent to an 'empty()' call, which violates the
  xr/xs rules and could make the partial order reduction unsound
- avoid misinterpretation of U V an X characters when part of variable names
  used in the new style of inline specification of ltl formula
- improved treatment of remote references, under the new scope rules
- some support for an experimental new version of bfs, not yet enabled
- general code cleanup


#2 2011-05-06 17:44:58

Registered: 2010-11-18
Posts: 691

Re: version 6.1.0 of Spin

here's a simple sequence of steps to download, compile, and install Spin on either a Linux system, or a Windows system with cygwin (assuming you have the required commands all installed, and assuming that you have a standard development environment with wget, yacc, gcc, etc.):

wget [url]http://spinroot.com/spin/Src/spin610.tar.gz[/url]
gunzip spin610.tar.gz
tar -xf spin610.tar
cd Spin/Src6.1.0/
cp ./spin /usr/local/bin/spin  # or wherever your standard bin directory is
make clean

# in linux/ubuntu, you will need to prefix the last command with "sudo "

on windows, you could also get and install the latest binary like this (you can get wget from cygwin)

wget [url]http://spinroot.com/spin/Bin/spin610.exe[/url]
mv spin610.exe /bin/spin.exe


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