SPIN 2010 Program,
Twente University, The Netherlands 27-29 September, 2010

Accepted papers

(pdf) Alexander Linden, Pierre Wolper, An Automata-Based Symbolic Approach for Verifying Programs on Relaxed Memory Models.
(pdf) Martin Wehrle, Sebastian Kupferschmid, Context-Enhanced Directed Model Checking.
(pdf) Jan Tobias Muhlberg, Gerald Luttgen, Symbolic Object Code Analysis.
(pdf) Nicholas Kidd, Suresh Jagannathan, Jan Vitek, One Stack to Run Them All - Reducing Concurrent Analysis to Sequential Analysis Under Priority Scheduling.
(pdf) Kenro Yatake, Toshiaki Aoki, Automatic Generation of Model Checking Scripts based on Environment Modeling.
(pdf) Pedro Merino, Alberto Salmeron, Combining SPIN with ns-2 for protocol optimization.
(pdf) Rudiger Ehlers, Bernd Finkbeiner, On the Virtue of Patience: Minimizing Buchi Automata.
(pdf) Stefan Edelkamp, Damian Sulewski, Efficient Explicit-State Model Checking on General Purpose Graphics Processors.
(pdf) Kari Kahkonen, Roland Kindermann, Keijo Heljanko, Ilkka Niemela, Experimental Comparison of Concolic and Random Testing for Java Card Applets.
(pdf) Georgel Calin, Pepijn Crouzen, Pedro R. D'Argenio, E. Moritz Hahn, Lijun Zhang, Time-Bounded Reachability in Distributed Input/Output Interactive Probabilistic Chains.
(pdf) Zhe Chen, Gilles Motet, Nevertrace Claims for Model Checking.
(pdf) Maja Pesic, Dragan Bosnacki, Wil M.P. van der Aalst, Enacting Declarative Languages using LTL: Avoiding Errors and Improving Performance.
(pdf) Naghmeh Ghafari, Alan J. Hu, Zvonimir Rakamaric, Context-Bounded Translations for Concurrent Software: An Empirical Evaluation.

Tool presentations

(pdf) M. Hague, C.-H. L. Ong, Analysing Mu-Calculus Properties of Pushdown Systems.
(pdf) Marc de Jonge, Theo C. Ruys, The SpinJa Model Checker.

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