Main Topics Discussed in Spin NewsLetters


Arithmetic on channel names9
Alternating Automata40
Book (Addison-Wesley 2003)37
Breadth-First Search37
Breakpoints in Xspin Simulations6
Commercial Spin Licenses33
Computing Reachable Value Ranges7
Dumping multiple error trails6
Emacs mode20,38
Embedded C code36,37
Extensions for sleep-set based partial order reduction1
Generating a Display of the Reachability Graph2
Inline functions22
Initialization of C data40
Interactive Simulation4
Interactive Simulation Replay with Expect5
Internships at JPL40
JSpin, a Java Based GUI for SPIN39,41
Lecture Material on Model Checking39
LTL conversion4
Mac OS X installation instructions39
Matching the value of a variable in a receive15
Message Sequence Charts3
Modeling Conditional Rendez-Vous Operations5
New 'local' prefix25
Non-progress cycle detection based on <>[] np_ 14
On Stuttering Semantics3
Online Database of Spin Applications31
PEP's link with Spin19
Predefined variable _nr_pr28
Procedures in Promela20
Process Enabling Conditions7
Process Simulation Priorities7
Quickstart for long error trails6
Random Receive and Channel Poll Operations5
Real-Time Extensions based on the Alur-Dill algorithm1
Related Tools: Feaver available36
Related Tools: HSF-Spin33
Related Tools: Modex available36
Related Tools: P2B, Parspin32
Related Tools: Uno available36
Remote referencing the init process2
Ruys Recipes 33
STDIN channel21
Shortest path searches9
Single-Bit Hashing, Changing Hash Functions6
Slicing support with Spin option -A29
Spin option -P18
Spin options -M and -c19
Spin version 4.0 Available35
Spin version 4.1 Available39
Spin version 4.2 Available40
Stack cycling option25
Statement merging in Spin v.325
Steamer Boiler Problem9
The New Book35
The Semantics of Unless3
Timeline Editor Tool34
Translation from LTL to Never Claims7,40
Workshop Proceedings41

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