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NewsLetter 35 - December 9, 2002:

The Spin 2003 Workshop

The Spin 2003 workshop will be held May 9-10, 2003 in Portland, Oregon, as a satellite event of ICSE 2003, which is held from May 3-10 2003 at the same location.

It is not too late to submit papers to the workshop. The deadline is Friday December 13, 2002.

The Spin Workshops are sponsored by ACM SIGSOFT. As before, the proceedings for this workshop will be published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computing Science series.


Since early October, the main distribution site for the Spin sources, executables, and documentation has moved to the domain spinroot.com. The new domain should us give a little more bandwidth and makes our distribution independent of netlib. The new site already receives a very respectable average of about 2,000 hits per day, from users or browsers in more than 40 different countries worldwide.

We've even added a new sitemap, which can be a handy navigation tool for the site.

Version 4.0 Available

The main current distribution for Spin is version 3.5.3. This version is meant to be a stable release of Spin, complete with sources and online documentation.

New in the distribution is also an executable beta-version of Spin version 4.0. An initial version of the documentation, describing the new support for embedded C code, is also online. It is, as you can probably guess from the format, a chapter from a new book documenting Spin. See http://spinroot.com/spin/Bin/index.html

The New Book

A new book, describing the practical use and theoretical foundation of Spin in detail, has been in the works for about eight years now. It is time to stop rewriting the draft and getting the tome ready for publication. The book will contain a complete set of manual pages, documenting every option, language feature, search mode, and compilation mode, supported by Spin. If all is well, the Spin Verification System, Primer and Reference Manual will be in bookstores in Spring 2003; hopefully just in time for the 2003 Workshop.

End of Newsletter Nr. 35.

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