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NewsLetter 32 - March 30, 2001:

Spin 2001 and 2002

Spin2001: The program for Spin2001 in Toronto is now available online at http://www.cis.ksu.edu/santos/spin2001/. You can register for the event via the ICSE registration pages: http://www.csr.uvic.ca/icse2001/registration.html. The early registration deadline is April 12, 2001. For our workshop the registration fee for non-members of the IEEE is $350 ($125 for students). After April 12 it will be $475 ($235 for students).

Spin2002: An early call for papers is online for the 9th Spin Workshop. The workshop will be held April 11-13 2002 in Grenoble, France, as a satellite event of ETAPS 2002, see http://tele.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/spin2002/.

Related tools

P2B: p2b translates Spin models into a boolean representation that is accepted by the symbolic model checker SMV. Version 0.2 of this tool is available from: http://goethe.ira.uka.de/~baldamus/p2b. Details are available from p2b's author Michael Baldamus ([email protected]).

ParSpin: A version of Spin that was adapted for distributed memory verification, developed at the Polytechnic of Turin is now available for evaluation from: http://www.dai-arc.polito.it/pspin.shtml. This version handles safety properties only. Details are available from Riccardo Sisto ([email protected]).

The current Spin version

The current version of Spin is 3.4.6, with a few more small bug fixes. One fix can reduce the number of explored states for models that use rendezvous channels, and hence reduce the memory requirements of a search. All sources are available through netlib as before. Precompiled executables are online for Windows, SGI, and Linux machines, at:


End of Newsletter Nr. 32.

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