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Contents NewsLetter 27 - October 1, 1999:

Online Proceedings

The proceedings of both the 5th and of the 6th Spin workshop from this year are now online. You can find them at:



The papers can be downloaded from these two sites. Printed proceedings for both workshops are available from Springer as: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 1680. (Eds. Dennis Dams, Rob Gerth, Stefan Leue, and Mieke Massink), titled Theoretical and Practical Aspects of SPIN Model Checking.


We're ironing out the details for a SPIN2000 workshop. It will most likely be held sometime in September or October 2000, and most likely in California. More details as they become available.

Version 3.3.5

Meanwhile we're also up to Spin Version 3.3.5. This version corrects some small problems in the generation of Buchi Automata from LTL formulae that were discovered by Heikki Tuominen with his random testing method; worth an upgrade.


Interesting paper on a combination of Spin and HOL based verification: Formal verification of standards for distance vector routing protocols. K. Bhargavan, D. Obradovic, and C.A. Gunter, Un. of Pennsylvania. in: Proc. INFOCOM2000 (to appear).

End of Newsletter Nr. 27.

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