Contents NewsLetter 24 - March 4, 1999:

Spin98 Workshop Wrapup

The proceedings from the 98 Spin workshop, including the viewgraphs from Amir Pnueli's keynote presentation, can be found online at: STTT: The following papers from the workshop were selected for publication in a special issue of the Springer journal Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT): A final review and revision cycle for the journal publication has been completed, and we expect the special issue to appear within the next few months.

Spin99 Workshop Call for Papers

There will be two Spin workshops in 1999. The first will have a slight emphasis on the theory and the second on the practice of automata based model checking: Proceedings: We hope to publish joint proceedings for the two Spin workshops in a single volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) (including all papers presented at the two workshops). Details on the final arrangement for publication will follow.

End of Newsletter Nr. 24.