Contents NewsLetter 21 - February 6, 1998:

SPIN98 Workshop

The fourth Spin Workshop SPIN98 will be organized at ENST in Paris, on the day immediately before the FORTE_PSTV98 conference, which is held at the same location. Our workshop date will be:
	Monday November 2, 1998
The workshop chair is Elie Najm from ENST, who is also general chair of FORTE_PSTV98. See: http://www-lor.int-evry.fr/~stan/FORTE_PSTV98/
A first announcement and preliminary call for papers for SPIN98 can be found at:

The workshop is a forum for discussing and sharing experiences with the Spin model checker. It is a meeting place for all those who work on (1) the theoretical foundation of computer aided verification, (2) applications of Spin model checking to problems of practical significance, (3) empirical studies of the relative effectiveness of different types of search algorithms and memory management techniques for model checking, tool comparisons, etc., and (4) significant extensions or modifications of the basic system.

The submission deadline for papers is Thursday August 20, 1988, but we ask authors to send us a brief abstract, or demo and tutorial proposals, no later than Saturday June 20, 1998.
We look forward to your contribution!

The Current Spin Version

The current version of Spin is Version 3.1.1. Apart from the bug-fixes, documented in Doc/V3.Updates from the distribution, perhaps the only interesting changes are

Interesting URLs

PostDoc Position

Submitted by Dennis Dams from the Dept. of Math. & Comp. Science, University in Eindhoven in The Netherlands:

Recent Papers

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