Contents NewsLetter 19 - August 12, 1997:

The New Spin Version 3.0

The last Spin update was made about four months ago. Since then, we have been working hard on a new release of the software with some interesting new features. The new functionality is described in the updated version of WhatsNew.html, but a brief summary of the main points follows here. Thanks to Rob Gerth, Anuj Puri, Michael Ferguson, Erich Mikk, Bart Knaack, Doron Peled, Margaret Redberg, and Pamela Zave for providing feedback on the alpha release over the last few months. Thanks also to Klaus Havelund and Frank Schneider for suggesting many improvements. For an instant upgrade to Spin Version 3.0.0: http://netlib.bell-labs/netlib/spin/spin300.tar.gz
For the precompiled PC version: http://netlib.bell-labs/netlib/spin/pc_spin300.zip

Online Man-Pages for Promela and Spin

It is hard to keep the Spin documentation always up to date with recent changes. A start has been made with the construction of a web-site that contains all the relevant information about the language and the tool, combining information that has so far been scattered over different documents. These online references can be found at url: http://spinroot.com/spin/Man/index.html.
If you would rather store these pages on your local host, you can also download the complete set from: http://spinroot.com/spin/Doc/html.tar.gz.
The online references will be kept up to date with future changes in the language and the toolset. Suggestions for extensions and improvement are most welcome.

PEP's link with Spin

The PEP tool (Programming Environment based on Petri Nets) is a toolset for the construction, simulation, and verification of Petri Nets. In it's last release it has gained an interface to Spin, to allow for LTL model checking of Petri Net models (with a builtin translation from Petri Nets to Promela.) The PEP URL is: http://www.informatik.uni-hildesheim.de/~pep/HomePage.

The VIRES Project

VIRES (Verifying Industrially Relevant Systems) is a collaborative research project of a number of leading universities in Europe (Eindhoven, Grenoble, Liege, Kiel). The following paragraphs are copied from the VIRES URL at http://www.win.tue.nl/cs/fm/vires/ (worth browsing further).

DIMACS Volume Published

With some delay, the proceedings of the 1996 Spin Workshop have finally been published as a nicely bound volume of 203 pgs titled The Spin Verification System. that can be ordered for $49 from the AMS as DIMACS Volume 32 (the price is lower for DIMACS members). See http://www.ams.org/bookstore/ and search on the word SPIN in a book-title.

The papers are the updated versions of the preprint papers that are still online as the workshop proceedings. The table of contents for the volume is:

Recent Papers

End of Newsletter Nr. 19.